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Discover the Healing Power of Mother Nature


A Twist of Life Into Eden Series is a 90 Day ~ 12 week hands-on food immersion program discovering the ancient knowledge of the magical properties hidden in the natural world of plant food, simple step by step procedures to prepare easy meals on the fly while incorporating more raw nutrient plant based foods on a daily basis.

You will discover effortless and endless ways of preparing whole food plant based meals for yourself, your family and your friends!  Receive Tips& Tricks to pull off large events serving a multitude of people with ease.   They don't have to know its good for them ~ they just need to looks and tastes amazing you will have them hooked. 

They will be begging for more...and you will be the star!

I've spent the last 13 years honing my culinary skills with one of the top catering companies in America as the operations manager overseeing scratch food production to gourmet to go specialty retailer and catering events from private intimatea dinner parties to mega events.

I was led to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition after my doctor told to stop eating salt.  I knew something was wrong and somehow I stumbled onto crystals and the healing power of minerals. This let me to  become certified in  Crystal Energy Healing.  My passion for transforming my health and life was birthed out of trauma. 

I was forced to learn ways to eliminate toxic relationships and food from my life and as result,it transformed my mind, body and spirit.  Just by becoming aware and learning ways to honor the secrets held in the magic of our natural world.

I'm excited to share this with you!

Effortless Amazing Meals

Packed with a punch of flavor 

and bursting with vibrant color!

These dishes are not only easy, 

they are satisfying

will excite you learn more!

Uncover Secrets of Mother Nature

Plants have healing powers.  

Plants are healers

powered by nature.  

The true balance of life!


Who is Chrisie Cloud


We ARE all intuitive. 

We naturally can access our right brain  hemisphere ~ the doorway to our intuition, creativity, and divinity.

We  talk ourselves out of listening to this inner guidance by focusing

 on our left-brain chatter

 of our linear-thinking, 

practical, realistic mind 

We see logical thinking touted on the news, at work, and among our  family members as “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the  truth.” 

Yet our left-brain logic is only telling us half of the truth.  This supreme logic we live by has gotten us exactly where we are  today–afraid, disconnected, unfulfilled, unhappy, and in search of  meaning. 

You are NOT your thoughts. 

You’re an energy being, a pulsing  wave of light connected to the energetic fabric that makes up the entire  universe.  

Heart Healing

A series of traumatic life events resulted in heart failure.

An out of body experience coupled with  two failed pacemakers has enlightened me on a deep level.

This is when I discovered my ability to intuitively channel; when I was writing my novel Indian Summer.
It was a means for me to express my grief and process the energy in a healthy way.

At the time I was also writing a food blog about the healing properties of food during my professional culinary career.

My research uncovered a lot of interesting paths that directed me to follow a spiritual path of self discovery.

Further certifying my education in Crystal Healing and Integrative Nutrition.

Through energy healing modalities I am personally healing my deep emotional trauma and connecting with others on a similar journey.

Into Eden

After my father passed away from throat cancer, it tossed me into a black hole

As a way to heal, I created a place in my mind that took me away from all of the heartache and pain.

This place is called Eden a secret place that you can only visit in your dreams.

It was the premise for the novel Indian Summer and as I intuitively wrote this novel it unraveled the magic of life.

Eden is a magical place, full of healing and hearts desires.

Join me as I take you on the journey into Eden

Won't you come in?



My art is a way of sharing my love for design and gratitude for expressing myself creatively.

With this gift I must share it  with others.  

Uncovering the creative expression of others is what makes me joyful inside.  

It's gratifying to assist others on the journey of self discovery. 

I started mine when I wrote my first novel (Indian Summer) as a way of healing from a broken heart 

and discovered intuitive channeling and other amazing things.

After a long battle with heart failure I realized that it was all created by trauma and consuming toxic foods

After over 12 years in the culinary profession I'm teaching people to discover food in a whole new way

 and I would love to take you on this journey.

Discover amazing food, simple techniques and other healing modalities,

with me so you can experience the magic life has to offer.

Through plant based foods  ~ consuming 80% raw 

I'm transforming my health, mind body and spirit.

I have found, without doubt, that when we eat well, with 

around three quarters of our diet being good quality organic, 

raw,  plant-based  food;  these  symptoms  disappear  and  we  

experience radical health improvements,

I invite you to the Free Spirits Tribe



Follow my voice as I creatively uncover

 the  science behind the Magic of Life.  

There comes a time when a voice will  be heard.  

Removing the stigma on the label "witch" is my mission.   

Shedding light through a podcast is my  platform.  

Discover hidden  secrets in energy.

Mystical tools to communicate and interact with it.

Using moon magic, crystals, tarot, law of  attraction and oh so much more.    

Join me on my Quest....for The  Magic of Life

It's a way for me to get inside your head...

from an extra sensory level experience.  

Follow my voice as I uncover a unique message

 that you were guided to hear.

Each episode is unique.

There is no order.

Just select the one that speaks to you.


on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida

The glorious energy of the sun and the ocean 

rejuvenates me on a cellular level. 

It's what brought me to Gulf Coast, to dabble in design 

and express myself creatively through various projects. 

A healing retreat is in the works for 12 women

 to rejuvenate their spirit.

A place to discover their unique creative expression

 through intuitive art. 

A culinary experience into the world of healing foods.

Breaking through emotional blocks

 that have kept us bound to our past

 and blocked from our future.

This is where clearing the way for a 

rejuvenated spirit is birthed.

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