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Into Eden ~ Women's Spirit Retreat


Discover the Healing Power of Mother Nature

Into Eden is a Spirit Retreat 

An immersion weekend 

of discovering the ancient knowledge 

of the magical properties 

hidden in the natural world 

while rejuvenating spirit.

A retreat allows us to reintegrate 

all those parts of us that we 

have let float away without 

ever realizing it.

Sometimes our soul gets trapped 

in a meaningless rut.  

We are so busy holding everything

 together, taking care of others that 

we lose sight of what we need.

We still have those yearnings and feelings inside.  

Maybe its time to go explore it. 

Get your tail to to beach!

All Inclusive Package



Fresh Patio Breakfasts 

Picnic Beach Lunches 

Evening Candle Light Dinners

Activities include:

Arrival Party

Group Energy Healing

Intuitive Art 


Morning Meditation

Aroma Freedom Technique

Evening Festivities

and of course...

Fun in Sun 

Beach Time

Uncover Secrets of Mother Nature

Rejuvenate the spirit on a cellular level with the healing energy of the sun.

Connecting with the ocean rejuvenates  the spirit and brings a positive  change in life as the vibration frequencies of your body, mind,  and soul reach a natural high. 

The currents in the ocean act as the energy that  is known to be very restorative, relaxing, and soothing for the body,  mind, and soul. 

A nurturing energy for your body to heal. It is the easiest form  of healing as it only requires an intention, a willingness to look  through the energy of the ocean and be open for this experience to be  beneficial for you. 

Who is Chrisie Cloud


We ARE all intuitive. 

We naturally can access our right brain  hemisphere ~ the doorway to our intuition, creativity, and divinity.

We  talk ourselves out of listening to this inner guidance by focusing

 on our left-brain chatter

 of our linear-thinking, 

practical, realistic mind 

We see logical thinking touted on the news, at work, and among our  family members as “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the  truth.” 

Yet our left-brain logic is only telling us half of the truth.  This supreme logic we live by has gotten us exactly where we are  today–afraid, disconnected, unfulfilled, unhappy, and in search of  meaning. 

You are NOT your thoughts. 

You’re an energy being, a pulsing  wave of light connected to the energetic fabric that makes up the entire  universe.  

Heart Healing

A series of traumatic life events resulted in heart failure.

An out of body experience coupled with  two failed pacemakers has enlightened me on a deep level.

This is when I discovered my ability to intuitively channel; when I was writing my novel Indian Summer.
It was a means for me to express my grief and process the energy in a healthy way.

At the time I was also writing a food blog about the healing properties of food during my professional culinary career.

My research uncovered a lot of interesting paths that directed me to follow a spiritual path of self discovery.

Further certifying my education in Crystal Healing and Integrative Nutrition.

Through energy healing modalities I am personally healing my deep emotional trauma and connecting with others on a similar journey.

Into Eden

After my father passed away from throat cancer, it tossed me into a black hole

As a way to heal, I created a place in my mind that took me away from all of the heartache and pain.

This place is called Eden a secret place that you can only visit in your dreams.

It was the premise for the novel Indian Summer and as I intuitively wrote this novel it unraveled the magic of life.

Eden is a magical place, full of healing and hearts desires.

Join me as I take you on the journey into Eden

Won't you come in?

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